A spy located in Copenhagen did some rather good work. That's because they must have spotted something interesting and decided to pursue it. 

Quite literally.

Thanks to their handiwork, we've got an all-new video of the next-generation BMW X5. While BMW has been skirting by with a largely indistinguishable product from its previous generation, it seems that the company is preparing something a bit more differentiated. Something a bit more substantial.

Although this X5 is covered head-to-toe in camouflage, it's easy to see that there are some changes coming down the 'pike. Take, for example, its upgraded exhaust, new headlights and facade, and truly massive kidney grilles up front. 

There's a wee bit of tension in this clip but everyone remained friendly. Funny to see the engineers eager to capture video of the spy.

We spotted this upcomming 2018 BMW X5 Prototype / Erlkönig in Copenhagen. 

SPIED + VIDEO: The Next-Gen BMW X5 Has Been Nabbed In Action — Up Close And Personal Detail

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