Tesla fanboys and fangirls, unite! The time has come! No, the car hasn't officially released yet. Hold your horses! 

While we've seen a brief video clip posted by Tesla's head honcho, Elon Musk, we have yet to see the car fully bare, sans camouflage. Well, today is the day that changes. Some eagle eyed folks on Reddit spotted a white Model 3 in the Bay Area and caught it in the act.

Seen in Cupertino was the entry-level Tesla. It's completely bare and naked for the world to see. All of the design is exposed. No tape, no cladding, no nothing.

To me it seems like Musk is moving full steam ahead with a launch this summer. While it may seem risky to traditional gearheads, perhaps TSLA's main man is onto something. Time will tell but for now we've got one simple question: 

Is the all-new Tesla Model 3 in production form a STUD or DUD? Does this white Model 3 get your APPROVAL?

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SPIED! STUD or DUD? Is The Tesla Model 3 Caught In The Nude Getting Your APPROVAL?

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