While I am sure of you will say this is a bogus comparison, this is something I actually considered while shopping for a new set of wheels. An Aston Martin.

Although the Vantage is out of my price range when it comes to spec'ing an all-new car, you can find clean examples at reasonable prices. So, why wouldn't you be intrigued?

Aside from the car being a British nightmare and maintenance black hole?

Putting that aside, the V8 Vantage certainly is a vehicle that will make you take a second glance. It's kind of like having the devil on your shoulder telling you not to think rationally and to "Do it!"

I was able to back myself out of what could have been a hairy situation; however, it seems like our friends at Autocar are encouraging the debate.

That said, WHICH car would you rather have? The Aston Martin V8 Vantage or BMW M2?

Among the depreciated exotica of the classifieds, Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage draws more covetous eyes than most, and those eyes will widen to see Gaydon’s perennially suave coupé now listed from less than £30,000.

But that’s for the original, 380bhp 4.3-litre version launched in 2005. The 420bhp 4.7 that replaced it in 2008 is the driver’s preferred choice, and you’ll need around £45,000 to bag a decent example of that thoroughly upgraded model. Tantalising as that is, the same sum buys a brand-new high-performance coupé that has been ringing our bell as loudly as any of late: 
BMW’s tearaway M2, Autocar’s current pick of the M breed.

While its diminutive, bulging form evokes a French bulldog, the M2 has the heart of a mastiff in a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six making 365bhp, all of which – as in the Vantage – is sent rearwards. It’s actually a bigger car than the Aston in all but width (it’s just 11mm skinnier), despite the Vantage’s lowness and sleek proportions giving the illusion of size versus the BMW’s upright, Duplo-brick stature. And even though it’s underpinned by steel, the M2 is 35kg lighter than the aluminium-hewn Vantage.

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