Every once and a while, the automotive industry goes through a systemic, sweeping macroeconomic event. In 2008 and 2009 when there was a global macroeconomic crisis, the auto industry was hit quite hard.

With many automakers boasting product portfolios overweighted to gas guzzling sport-utility vehicles, many manufacturers were caught with their pants down. Buyers flocked to gas sippers like the Toyota Prius and MINI Cooper. 

Now though, it seems hard to imagine we're less than 10 years from that event. That's because SUVs are as hot as ever, and there's a lot of SUVs in production that range from large and luxurious, to compact and sporting. 

Having said that, Agent 001 and I were talking cars last night and we were wondering about today's buyer. Do gas prices, or their potential swings, actually make you think TWICE about the vehicle you're going to purchase?

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Do Gas Prices Actually Make You Think TWICE About What Car You Buy?

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