A friend of mine messaged me about a month ago telling me that there are some screaming good deals on Jaguar F-Types. And, honestly, I didn't know what to think.

I took a peek at the details of the deal and the numbers are quite eye popping. Today he went in to talk numbers and seal the deal.

This is what we're talking about. An F-Type S AWD, which has an MSRP of $87,595. Just under $5,500 due at signing, 10,000 miles a year for 36 months. This equates to a payment of $789/month per Jaguar's website. In reality the car's MSRP was about $93,000, the monthly was knocked down to $700 and they cut my friend a check for his last three Lexus payments. 

So, I've got to ask the Spies: Is this deal a STUD or DUD? What say you? Would YOU be getting into an F-Type for those kind of numbers?

Is THIS Deal On A 2017 Jaguar F-Type A STUD or DUD?

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