Upon catching my first glimpse of the all-new BMW 8-Series Concept, I immediately saw something interesting. In fact, it was a bit shocking.

Its C-Pillar — including the chrome trim — plus the rear decklid screamed Aston Martin Vanquish. Considering Aston produces some of the most lovely big body, two-door grand tourers, this isn't a knock. It's a positive. Well, sort of. 

The problem, from where I am sitting, is that this all-new 8-Series Concept has some peculiar proportions. Just look at the pictures below. To me, a big body two-door coupe should have flowing lines that run seamlessly front-to-back. This 8 doesn't quite have it. Check out the size of its ass, and if you cover up the front and back of the vehicle there's a decidedly Ford Mustang look to it if you're analyzing its side profile. 

It's as though the designers of the blue and white were torn whether to go extreme and take a risk, or put out an elegant product. So, it did both.

This week I am driving the LC500 and it's a vehicle that the Lexus team developed to make an impact. If I parked the Lexus next to the all-new 8, I'd wager more people would be engaged with the L brand.

And, you see, I would have expected BMW to drop an atom bomb on us much like it did with the original 8-Series. That car was a complete game changer. The all-new concept, however, looks more like an enlarged 6-Series, which doesn't seem too appropriate given it will likely reach well into the six figure mark.

So, I've got to ask: Has BMW's styling department LOST its way?

Has BMW's Styling Department LOST Its Way? All-New 8-Series Concept HEARTS Aston Martin?

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