With 40 Lamborghini Centenarios set to be built, 20 being roadsters and 20 being coupes, only four are slated to come to the United States. According to what I've been reading it seems that only two are coming in bare carbon fiber.

That would include the first reported Centenario delivered in Newport Beach and now the second car, which was delivered this week. Coincidentally, it was delivered quite literally down the road from where I live.

Lamborghini Centenario

Calling New Jersey home, this is the second documented delivery. The third just happened in the past 24 hours in London from what I understand. As you can see in the exclusive images supplied to me from an excellent source, the car arrived in its wooden enclosure. The car was then prepped and delivered to its all-new home.

For nearly $1.9MM, you better believe the car was tucked away safely in its garage merely hours after it arriving at the dealership.

From what I've heard, the owner and car are expected to remain super low key. Maybe it will appear at a major car show in the New York Tri-State region. But that's only a maybe.

Lamborghini Centenario

The US' Second Lamborghini Centenario Has ARRIVED — Check Out This SPECIAL Spec, Seen Here In EXCLUSIVE Pics

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