If you've been a fan of AutoSpies, you already know by now that we really love the details put into automobiles. From the stitching to the quality of the leather to the variety of trims, we dig it all.

We also love special builds and unique mods. What better place to delight your automotive senses than southern California where the imagination runs wild?

Agent 001 was riding around in his neighborhood and happened to stumble into something you don't see every day. That would be one seriously bold ass choice in color for a Porsche Cayenne.

While it's not uncommon to see a Speed Yellow 911 Carrera or 718 Boxster, it is a bit more unusual to see a French's Yellow Cayenne — FYI: I came up with the name via the mustard manufacturer. Although bright colors tend to work well on the left coast, this is a bit tough to swallow, no?

What say you, Spies? Can you think of a WORSE color for the Porsche Cayenne?

SPIED: Is This The WORST Possible Color For The Porsche Cayenne?

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