Tesla's Autopilot system is one of the best semi-autonomous driving suites in the automotive world, as The Drive's own Alex Roy has repeatedly stated—but it's not invulnerable to criticism. After spending some time behind the wheel of one of Elon Musk's electric vehicles, a researcher from Stanford University has issued a rather strong criticism: Tesla's Autopilot, according to her, exhibits some "frightening" behavior around cyclists. 

"I’d estimate that Autopilot classified ~30 percent of other cars, and 1 percent of bicyclists," Knight wrote in her piece entitled "Tesla Autopilot Review: Bikers will die" on the blog platform Medium. "Not being able to classify objects doesn’t mean the Tesla doesn’t see that something is there, but given the lives at stake, we recommend that people NEVER USE TESLA AUTOPILOT AROUND BICYCLISTS!" [Exclamation point and caps hers. —Ed.]

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Stanford Researcher Fears For The Lives Of Cyclists After Using Tesla's Autopilot

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