If you own a BMW and live in SoCal, today was a big day. That's mostly because today marked day one of Bimmerfest, which was held again at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

Known for being the biggest North American grassroots BMW car show, it holds a special place in the Agents' hearts. There's many reasons for this and you'll see why in the following threads.

Bimmerfest 2017

As expected, Agent 001 made the ride up from San Diego to be in Fontana bright and early this a.m. There's nothing quite like being an early bird for Bimmerfest. You get to see all of the rides roll in and speak one-on-one with fellow enthusiasts who are putting everything into their respective set of wheels.

While some vehicles are — for lack of a better word — suspect, others are hot. And though it is a bit cliché to say this, some cars this year really brought the heat. There's some particularly well modified and super clean OEM examples on here that really deserve a second and, possibly, third look.

That said, I'll spare you any more words. Let's get down to the pics.

Feast your eyes, Spies!

Bimmerfest 2017

BIMMERFEST: The BIGGEST Grassroots Gathering In North America Brings The HEAT, Literally And Figuratively

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