You know, you would think people would get the Agent's modus operandi by now. They don't though.

While other publications insist on posting "meh" images that are shot from 30 feet away and lack any real interesting perspective, we thoroughly like going over every vehicle's nook and crannies. Well, at least the ones that deserve the attention, that is.

Bimmerfest 2017

We take pride in covering the little details and interesting bits of automobiles. And at an event like Bimmerfest, there's plenty of content to process.

Remember, these cars are enthusiast's babies.

Given that many are heavily modified, there's a lot to see. So, I handpicked some shots from Agent 001's photo upload to focus in on. There's SO many I am going to have to go back for round two later.

Keep it locked on for more Bimmerfest coverage!

Bimmerfest 2017

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