Yesterday, Agent 001 was keeping tabs on Apple's latest announcements from its worldwide developer conference, which is known as WWDC. It is one of the largest events the technology company has and it has always been a place where Apple launches products or all-new features.

This was not any different this year.

Several things that caught 001's eye were the all-new, in-car features for Apple users. 

The first new feature is a Do Not Disturb function that will be available in all iOS 11 devices. So, when driving the feature will not let people get through via text and it will actually reply to folks trying to contact you with a message that you will get in touch when you arrive at your destination. In addition, you can set the feature to let certain people get through to you.

Secondly comes the updates for Apple Maps. These are a bit more incremental. Now, the application will display posted speed limits and will feature lane guidance — much like car navigation systems, it will let you know which specific lane you need to be in to give you more accurate directions.

All of that said, I've got to ask: Do you actually want these all-new, in-car features? Do you foresee yourself using this functions?

Let us know in the comments below!

#WWDC: Apple Announces All-New In-Car Features But Do YOU Want Them And Will YOU Use Them?

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