It turns out that Lexus may have some more up its sleeve when it comes to slinky, sexy automotive designs. That's because its all-new LC coupe may be ready to give birth to another variant.

That's right, Lexus may be in the process of righting a wrong.

By building an LC Convertible, Toyota's luxury division may very well be erasing the legacy left hanging from the SC430. While there every SoCal or Palm Beach realtor's friend, many scoff at the rather awkward Lexus product.

Having driven both the hybrid and V8 LC, I have to say that this vehicle is a monumental product. It does both, the sport thing and the luxury thing. It's hard to think of a more solid grand tourer aside from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

According to the latest reports, this fantasy may become reality. Folks in Australia have heard Lexus officials hinting at what's to come. As seen via X-Tomi Design, this take is merely an artist's attempt at showing what an LC drop top may look like.

So. Do you dig it?


While pulling up short of actually confirming the project, Lexus management admitted that the roadster market is an important one in the LC's market segment...

...Lexus Australia's chief executive, Peter McGregor, was a little more coy, but stressed that "We are very aware of the importance of the convertible sector of this market."

Pressed further, McGregor said that the LC platform would form the basis of any forthcoming Lexus front-engined, rear-wheel-drive models, while the smart money says that would be the foundation of any Lexus-badged high-end convertible...

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RUMOR + RENDERED SPECULATION: A Lexus LC Convertible *MAY* Be On The Way

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