One of the most insane vehicles to debut in 2017 is the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. On paper, its numbers don't seem that extraordinary by supercar standards.

But when you hear it laps the Nürburgring faster than, uhm, everyone, you have to take notice.

Lamborghini isn't done just yet, though. That's because there's been a Spyder variant of the Huracan Performante spotted. And today's your lucky day.

We're now seeing the best pictures of this car yet.

Captured by the folks over at Autogespot, the car was nabbed with essentially no camouflage. The only parts covered up are a small patch on the front hood and then a good chunk of the folding roof's cover.

I guess one could argue that's the most important part of these spy shots but, we'll agree to disagree. That said, take in what may be one of the world's fastest convertibles around the Nürburgring, below.

SPIED: Lamborghini's All-new Huracan Performante SPYDER Nabbed With Its Top Down — BEST Pics Yet!

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