If you haven't noticed, Spies, video games are big business. And, it's universally being seen across various industries.

As of late the automotive manufacturers have picked up on this and are catering to this audience. You can tell because there's been concerted efforts to make sure vehicles appear in video games as well as the flurry of concept vehicles specifically built for video games — in real life and in the games.

That said, the latest news we have is a bit peculiar. Porsche has revealed its all-new 911 GT2RS but not in the traditional sense with a press release and a slew of images/video.

It's being used as the cover car for Forza Motorsport 7, which was launched over this past weekend.

As of now official information is non-existent but it's expected to produce 650-700 horsepower and feature only one gearbox, a PDK. Expect the GT2RS to use the most advanced techniques to shed weight, get power to the ground and keep it aerodynamically sound.

Get your first full frontal, below.

REVEALED! Porsche's All-New GT2RS Is EXPOSED Via Forza Motorsport 7 Cover

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