Saturday's big crash was something that we're pretty sure hard Richard Hammond fans thinking the worse. I know I sure was thinking it was not going to be a pretty end result.

Turns out we all had something in common with Jeremy Clarkson.

Thankfully, Hammond made it out relatively unscathed. Although he has a fractured knee and is recovering in a Swiss hospital, he may make the trip back home to have knee surgery for what he's playfully nicknamed a "swiss army knee."

Check out the video clip below of Hammond addressing fans and apologizing to his wife and two daughters post crash. As expected, there's some humor involved and even a cameo from James May.

Richard Hammond speaks the day after his horrible crash in Switzerland form the St.Gallen Hospital where he'll get a knee surgery later today.

Thankfully he can still smile and have fun, so we're looking forward to see him back soon.

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was sure Richard Hammond had died after he saw his burning £2million electric supercar on a Swiss mountain-side.

The Grand Tour star, 57, said his knees 'went to jelly' when he realised that his friend had flown off the road at 120mph 'in the biggest crash I have ever seen'.

Hammond, 47, who fractured his knee, is lucky to be alive after his latest brush with death which happened when he careered off a hillside while filming for
Amazon's The Grand Tour on Saturday...

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VIDEO: Richard Hammond Shares A Message To Fans Post Crash

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