While we have seen automotive manufacturers get catty now and then, it's not something that happens often. Remember when Audi and BMW had those cheeky billboard advertisements that went viral? 

This time we've got something good though. 

That's because Audi really went after Tesla's Elon Musk with an ad.

To me, this is a bit of a peculiar take. Mainly because Audi in the not-so-distant past had a head honcho who was blatantly against electric vehicles and strong arming diesels to the market. We know how that ended. *Cough* *cough*, diesel gate. And it's clear that Tesla has been making some progress. While we await the Model 3's debut, this is a company that has changed the EV game. 

So, we've got to ask: Is Audi's ad a SMART move or is it SOUR grapes? 

What say you, Spies?

Audi Throws HARD Shade At Tesla's Elon Musk — SMART Move Or SOUR Grapes?

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