I still firmly believe that Harry Metcalfe is one of the very best automotive presenters gracing our green earth. Say what you will but the man knows seemingly everything there is to know about autos.

New or old, it doesn't matter.

If you're like me and an automotive geek, then you're going to love this clip. That's because Metcalfe recently traveled to one of the world's greatest automotive gatherings in Italy. That's right, the Villa d'Este Concourso, which usually brings together some of the most amazing vehicles from across the world.

Even given Metcalfe's credentials, this is an exclusive and hard-to-attend soirée. This was his first trip.

That said, kick back and take a tour with Metcalfe as he works his way through the main event. What I think you'll love are all the unique vehicles he shows you. And then there's the cool, quirky and downright peculiar details that Metcalfe points out.

Buckle up and press play, below.

Personal tour round my star cars (good and bad) at this year's Villa d'Este Concorso event. This includes an exclusive look inside the £10m Rolls Royce Sweptail.

VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe Takes YOU For A MEGA Tour Of This Year's Villa d'Este Concourso — Detailed Look At The Sweptail

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