The all-new BMW X3's launch is just around the corner. Literally, it is this Monday with a livestream kicking off first thing in the a.m. from the Spartanburg factory.

While I have all the information and pictures at my disposal, I can't share them with you until Monday. Sorry, folks. This is how embargoed content works. What I will say is that I think some will be pleased, others not so much.

You can't please them all.

What I can share, however, are a couple images sent to us by our guy Fred Khaz. According to him, one of his buddies in SoCal spotted the all-new X3 undergoing testing.

While it is patently covered in a swirly camouflage wrap, it's clear that this X3 will have a bit more size and meat on its bones. Not sure about you guys and gals, but I am seeing a lot of first-gen X3 in this all-new one's side profile.

SPIED On The STREET! The Next-gen BMW X3 Is Nabbed In Living Color BEFORE Monday's Debut

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