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As you know I have always loved to build custom things, most of the time its been super cars but with the trend becoming bigger and bigger in that segment I wanted to build something different! That and the fact that I now have a full time Vlog ( Link HERE ) and a partner (Thanks for always kicking ass Benni) Made me look for a new 4 seater.

I looked at RS6s, Nissan GT-Rs, Ferrari FFs etc, but in the end I wanted to fulfil a life dream of mine, to own a real Rolls Royce! Ever since I first sat in one I was blown away by its perchance and how big and crazy it looks! So about 6 months ago I thanks to Leo Vegas made the move and I bought one and sent it straight to Absolut motors!

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Jon Olsson Swaps His Lambo for a 810-HP, Rally-Ready Rolls-Royce Wraith

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