The McLaren 570S was launched with pretty good success, I'd say.

Firstly, the initial reviews of the "bargain" McLaren were overwhelmingly positive. Hell, some publications even named it their high-performance ride of choice for 2016. In addition, the company has been moving quite a few of them, which has led to another successful year of sales.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

After the launch of the grand touring model that features more cargo space behind the front seats, the company must have been scratching its head saying, "So, now what?" You drop the top. That's what.

This has led to the debut of the all-new McLaren 570S Spider. Mimicking the folding hard-top roof and flying buttresses seen on the 650S and 675LT, it is a rather gorgeous looking convertible.

Having said that, we'll let you judge for yourselves. Watch the all-new Spider do the Goodwood hill climb and see the full collection of pictures, below.

See the stunning debut of the 2017 570S Spider #FOS

Goodwood Festival of Speed

#GOODWOOD: VIDEO — FIRST Look At The All-new McLaren 570S Spider In Action

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