Here we go, Spies!

It only feels like yesterday that BMW showed off the EfficientDynamics concept that was the precursor to the BMW i8. When the hybrid car dropped, it looked like an homage to the M1 but with obviously different intentions as the automotive world is evolving. 

While we've been waiting about five years for a production-spec i8 drop top, it seems that the day is finally drawing to a close. This is welcome news!

Although we've seen plenty of spy shots of the i8 Roadster undergoing developmental testing, now we're seeing an official teaser released from BMW. Seen in an "R&D facility," there's some quick looks at the vehicle's details. 

Expect a cloth folding roof, flying buttresses integrated into the rear deck, the i8 to retain its slick doors and air channels integrated into the rear fender a la the coupe. Also keep in mind the i8 is due for a refresh, which we suspect will include a new and improved battery — meaning more miles per charge.

As of now, no date has been set for an unveil. Stay tuned to AutoSpies for the latest.

TEASED! Get Your FIRST Glimpse Of The All-new BMW i8 ROADSTER

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