When compared to the rest of the car-buying public, enthusiasts are a dwindling minority. However, you wouldn't know that given how many grassroots publications and video segments have become overwhelmingly popular via YouTube.

Due to this oversaturation, you'll see a variety of automotive-related clips.

You may find something that's a prank war where a male poses next to an exotic that's not his and he tries to pick up the ladies. You may find some really bad driving footage that's as fun to watch as paint dry. More often than not, however, you'll stumble upon a reviewer's video that is quite literally a detailed walkaround the subject of choice.

There's just two problems: 

1) Many of these are simply reading off spec sheet info — who cares?

2) Many of these are, well, lame. 

The latter has become so prominent that James May himself has taken to the DriveTribe community to make fun of these clips in his very own special way.

VIDEO: The Grand Tour's James May Gives Us A Walkaround Of His Ferrari 308 — Maybe He Took it Too Literally?

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