Before the current-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class, there was another luxury barge that did the whole tech thing better. That was the then all-new A8 sedan. It was one of the first cars to offer a bevy of massage settings and really make everyone take notice at its outstanding interior appointments.

No one was even close at the time.

Now that BMW and Mercedes-Benz have more than stepped up to the plate, the pressure is on at Audi. That's because the four rings has to bring its "A" game all the while delivering on the other things that make a high-end luxury vehicle succeed.

While we were expecting a more vivacious design due to Audi's hype of the Marc Licthe era, it seems like this all-new A8 will be more of an evolution of the current-gen product. Where I think the A8 will shine is with its novel and unique features.

Take, for example, one of the company's latest video teasers that shows off its foot massager for rear seat passengers.

According to the latest, the all-new A8 will debut at the Audi Summit located in Barcelona on July 11.

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