Last Saturday wasn't an ordinary Saturday. Well, it actually was except I picked up an all-new car.

As noted in last week's early morning post, I picked up a 2017 BMW M2 in Alpine White. Although I was excited for my new set of wheels, I figured it would be a quick, 15-minute thing since I've worked with Manny Antunes before. I don't need to be walked through the car with a BMW Genius, just need to come in, hand over the check and sign some papers.


Then I received a text message from Manny saying, and I am paraphrasing, "I hope you like the presentation." Sh!t just got real.

Riding in with my buddy Kurt and his GMC Yukon XL, aptly plated "M3 BFF" as he and his wife own several BMW M cars, the excitement began to build. As did the nerves.

Full disclosure: While I've driven plenty of M cars and vehicles that cost more than a nice house, it's different when it's YOUR car.

After parking upstairs at BMW of Manhattan's super clean arrival/staging/service area, we walked down to the showroom floor. I wasn't sure what to expect so I informed the front desk I had arrived and we waited about a minute. My Genius, Amraz, showed up to take me to the car and walk me through it.

As we were moving into the M/lifestyle area of BMW of Manhattan's showroom, there she was. In all her Alpine White glory, my car was sitting on an M stand looking like it was at the New York Auto Show. It was definitely a special way to show it off. In addition, the AutoSpies/Agent 00R signage was a nice touch. According to the folks on the ground at BMW of Manhattan, it is the only dealer to have the M stand as of now. I have to admit, the team made me feel extra special by presenting me the car in this fashion.

Once Kurt and I looked the car over, top to bottom, I just needed to fire it up to hear the M Performance Exhaust. This was the result.

From there, we spent about 5-10 minutes taking care of the paperwork and blam-o I was on the road with my all-new M2. It was that easy.

Stay tuned for one more M2-related post. Next time I'll show you some minor work already done to the car.

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