This week was a big one for Jaguar. With the company's successful launch of the all-new F-Pace sport-utility vehicle, the company is following it up with the all-new E-Pace.

Meant to be a sporty, compact SUV, Jaguar is clearly going after a younger and more active demographic. There's just one problem.

BMW may stand in the way of that.

That's because the all-new X2 is one the way. If you haven't gotten a good look at it yet, look no further. The X2 has been photographed quite a bit as evidenced in these excellent spy shots.

What should the market expect? A far more sporty take on the X1. This won't be as interchangeable as the X3/X4 and X5/X6. What I mean is there will be a marked difference aside from a sloping roofline.

If you look closely at the X2 in these captures, you'll note it has an entirely different windshield and roofline. It's greenhouse is far smaller and, overall the vehicle's packaging is tighter. Whether or not that will translate into different driving dynamics is not known. We're hoping so.

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SPIED: All-new Pics Of The Next-gen BMW X2 — Will The Jaguar E-Pace's Party Get Spoiled BEFORE It Even Gets Going?

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