I grew up watching the Dragnet remake featuring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, and other police dramas. Since it was the 1980s you could bet your bottom dollar that at some point there would be a scene where there is a stake out.

And what is a good surveillance scene without the proper equipment? Say, a van with televisions, cameras and listening devices.

Well, it seems that these things really do exist.

Recently snapped up at a government auction, some folks have put a 1989 Dodge RAM 350 van on the market. In a former life it was used by the FBI for drug investigations and stake outs. This can further be confirmed as the vehicle had some evidence left behind — there are tapes and CDs of surveillance activity.

While the description certainly paints a picture of what's on offer, I suggest you watch the YouTube clip. It's pretty amazing to see this thing in action. At the time of this writing, the latest bid was hovering around $16,000.

** is NOT affiliated with the seller. Caveat emptor, Spies!

*******1989 Dodge RAM 350 FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN *******

  • Engine 5.9
  • mileage 23500
  • Only 1 owner!
  • No mechanical issues
  • Interior is immaculate.
  • Few dents and scratches outside (Great for 1989 Vehicle)
  • 90% tires left. MS tires
  • New belts
  • AC Works
  • Clear title
  • See pictures of condition!

-------------------------- Happy bidding ----------------------------

What's in it!?
  • 2 LCD screens
  • 2 DVD players-
  • radar, surveillance
  • Intercom
  • Propane gas
  • Toilet
  • recorders, 
  • tape players, 
  • AC/ and heat in the back
  • Every door has extra locks
  • 3 extra batteries(will need replaced)
  • Converter to 110V+ Charger.
  • And lots of other awesome gadgets!

On Jul-19-17 at 13:38:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

Engine and gearbox run smooth.

Upgraded Suspension.
A/C Works
New Tires M/S
New Belts


This van was used by FBI Surveillance Crew and is equipped with a lot of extra stuff!
3 Extra Batteries + onboard charger/adapter
Toilet in the back
2 LCD Screens
Video recorders/Players with all the gadgets
Tape Recorder/Player
Rear AC/Heat Unit
Propane Tanks
A lot of 110V Sockets
* You can turn off/on the engine from the back *
Every door has extra locks!

Definitely one of a kind toy! Type of toy to be in a Museum!

What else is included?
Proof of everything from the day the Van was bought at the dealership by the FBI.
I have a workorder to the company who rebuilt it.
I have documents and owner guides for gadgets inside.
This van was bought form the government auction for anyone wondering on "HOW?"

The 1989 Dodge Ram 350 was used for FEDERAL DRUG INVESTIGATION and still has Surveillance tapes inside with notebooks. How cool!?!

Thanks for looking!

'89 Dodge Ram 350 -

I have been getting a ton of requests to make a video on the 1989 FBI Surveillance van that we recently purchased on the government auction. It has went viral over the web via articles, Facebook, and over 100,000 views on eBay! I never expected to make this go this viral. Seems to me that everyone loves this brown Dodge Ram which is actually a surveillance van that was used quite a lot, even though it only has 23,000 miles! How cool!

So many gadgets were found and it was just an adventure to get to try them all and see how everything works and we even found tapes and cd's which showed FBI investigation clips from 2013 and earlier.

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WEIRD and WONDERFUL: For Sale! 1989 Dodge RAM 350 FBI Surveillance Van W/ ALL The Toys!

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