Every once and a while, I get a reminder why I love being located in northern New Jersey as an automotive enthusiast. Today I got a nice little surprise.

While traveling down to Princeton to visit a former colleague to catch up, my significant other and I came across something interesting. That would be the all-new Land Rover Range Rover Velar.

Upon approach, I noted something peculiar in the distance. At first I thought it was simply the all-new Land Rover Discovery but as we closed the gap at speed I soon realized there was symmetry in the design of the rear hatch — the all-new Discovery places the license plate to one side.

At about 250 feet out I realized it was the Velar with its Evoque-like greenhouse.

Equipped with New Jersey DTM "manufacturer" tags, it's clearly a vehicle from the Jaguar Land Rover North America headquarters based in Mahwah. With employees sprinkled throughout the region, it makes sense to see this car roaming around.

One thing I noticed about this particular vehicle was its gold accents, which was the first time I saw that. I don't recall seeing that on the show cars, perhaps this is yet another collaboration with Victoria Beckham?

That said, what do YOU make of it, Spies?

Special thanks to my lady who snapped these shots. Not bad for a first timer at speed!

SPIED On The STREET! Spotted For The FIRST Time In The Wild, The All-new Land Rover Range Rover Velar

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