Not long after I bought a new Chevrolet Cruze hatchback last year, J.D. Power sent me its initial quality survey and a crisp new dollar bill to guilt me into filling it out.

The Chevy -- my first since the late 1970s -- has exceeded nearly all my expectations. GM's advertising doesn't tell you about all the cool extras you get with the car, such as a monthly notice giving you updates on the health of the vehicle right down to the pressure in each tire, the built-in Wi-Fi, etc. That's neat stuff.

I bought a Cruze without navigation because I use the Siri feature on my iPhone for directions. Not having navigation on the info screen reduces clutter and time wasted scrolling through confusing menus. With the Cruze's built-in Bluetooth capability, Siri should be able to communicate with the car through the iPhone and convey the verbal turn-by-turn directions through the Cruze's speakers. That didn't happen, and so on the J.D. survey, I dinged the Cruze.

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