Although the headline may sound like thieves have gone high tech in New Jersey, don't get it twisted. It turns out that their just being resourceful and, dare I say, clever. 

Turns out that some thieves in northern New Jersey have been using a cocktail of wit to steal cars right out of owner's driveways. 

First, they're using Google Earth to scan wealthy northern New Jersey neighborhoods to scout homes with high-end cars in plain sight. From there, a local news station is reporting that the thieves take note of luxury vehicles with mirrors that aren't folded in as that is one simple indicator as to whether or not it is locked, and there's a chance the key fob is in the car. 

Simply put, it's a crime of opportunity with little work actually put into locating the vehicles. 

So, Spies, the lesson is simple: If you leave your car in plain sight, unlocked and with the key fob in the vehicle then you're setting yourself up to be taken advantage of. Even if you're living in a low crime neighborhood, you're giving a thief, or anyone for that matter, a chance to take your car for a spin.

SPARTA - Luxury car thieves are using Google Earth to strategize and locate cars that still have key fobs inside, experts say.

News 12 has learned that not only can thieves use Google Earth to view images of the wealthiest neighborhoods and the homes and vehicles within it, they can now pinpoint which cars likely have key fobs inside.

Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon says thieves have taken three luxury vehicles from local driveways in less than a month. He says the mirrors of certain cars, like Range Rovers, will close inward if the key fob is no longer in the vehicle. If the key fob is inside the vehicle, the mirrors will remain deployed.

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New Jersey Car Thefts Linked To Google App — Thieves Steal Cars Right Out Of Owner's Driveways

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