When you think of James Bond, what are several things that come to mind? If you're having difficulty, let me spell it out for you.

1) Cool cars;
2) Even cooler gadgets;
3) Snappy dresser;
4) Dangerous missions; and,
5) The hottest women.

It should come as no surprise that the author of the original books, Ian Fleming, was also a bit of a car geek. At least, that's what we think based on a recent note that is set to be auctioned come August 16. 

In the letter he asks a friend to find out if Mercedes-Benz will be producing a 220SE coupe or convertible. This is because he was looking for a change of pace and wanted to dump his Ford Thunderbird. Can you blame the man?

See the note below:

An auction listing appeared in my inbox this morning, offering for sale a letter written by 007 creator Ian Fleming in August, 1959, asking a friend's help in finding a new car. Fleming was considering a W111 generation Mercedes 220SE, appreciating its cutting edge tech (fuel injection) but hoping the factory would soon produce a sportier version. It may have been written 58 years ago, but it reads just like a slew of similar letters I get from Roadshow readers every month!

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The Creator of James Bond, 007, Was OBVIOUSLY A Car Nut — Note To Be Auctioned

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