When I've parked at business parks or even some high-rise apartments, I've always been a bit extra careful in the parking garages. That's because they're often poorly lit and far too narrow. 

And then there's some examples where you park and your vehicle is pointing outside with a large gap and not much to stop the vehicle should you overdo it. I've always wondered what would happen should you go through and, well, for one woman in Austin she had the unfortunate experience of living it.

According to the driver of a BMW 4-Series Convertible that took a seven story plunge, her foot slipped off the brake. From there the car went through protective cables. 

From the security camera footage, her 4-Series appears to be completely vertical as it makes impact. The force was so strong the car turned over and came to a rest on its roof. Although the driver suffered severe injuries, she did make it out alive — thankfully — and her account can be heard in the second video clip below. 

Be safe out there, Spies!

This is the second time this year this has happened at this downtown Austin parking garage.

Bowmer, who lives in Cedar Park, says the wires that serve as walls in the parking garage made her “freak out.”


WOW! Security VIDEO Captures BMW 4-Series Convertible's Seven-story Plunge In Austin

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