One of the best spy photographers that snaps BMWs has done it again. Friend of AutoSpies, Palbay, has nabbed something that I think is pretty cool.

He snapped the upcoming BMW X3M. 

But he didn't just get a great shot. He captured the vehicle with the camouflage coming off. This is a HUGE spot as this is the most revealed the product has been to date. Props to Palbay!

I can't exactly tell if the vehicle looks beefier over the standard, next-gen X3. But, I will say its wheel/tire combination is more aggressive and its quad-tipped exhaust is looking serious. In addition, if you peek a bit closer you'll notice the rear diffuser design. 

Also note that it will make use of a slit on the side profile to allow for air curtain technology.

Having been a fan of the first two generations of the X5/X6M, I am especially pumped for the X3/X4M. It's going to be a complete monster. 

Having said that, do YOU notice anything else, Spies? Let us know in the comments below.

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SPIED: The Next-gen BMW X3M EXPOSED By A Spy — The Striptease Begins

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