According to a new rumor started by The New York Times, a former Audi engineer has indicated to the authorities that upper management from within the company knew about the issue way back in 2006.

The report states Zacchero Giovanni Pamio’s attorney has come up with statements and evidence in front of German investigators regarding the massive VW Group Dieselgate scandal. Pamio was among the top executives at VW’s Audi brand in the engine development unit, and has reportedly told investigators key Audi managers knew about the diesel engine’s inability to meet U.S. or European emission requirements as early as 2006. If his statements are true, this means the company is still covering its trail and has lied about who knew about the issue or how up the chain of command the scandal went.

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Former Audi Engineer Testifies That Top Brass Knew Of Dieselgate Cheating a Over Decade Ago

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