It's been pretty amazing to watch the transformation that's happened at certain American automakers. But here's the thing, some of the laughable products still haven't been completely filtered out of American lineups.

Take, for example, the Jeep Patriot. Can someone please take that scrap and put it out of its damn misery already? Yeesh!

Another example was the Compass but there's good news. It's all-new for the 2017 model year and I have to admit it looks good on the road with its Grand Cherokee-influenced design. 

But is it even a fraction as good as the much-loved-at-AutoSpies Grand Cherokee? Only one way to find out.

The folks over at Kelley Blue Book decided to find out the story behind the all-new Compass. With a base price in the low $20,000s, it's definitely a compelling offering in a segment with a lot of competition. 

So, how's it do? See below...

To help feed America’s insatiable taste for SUVs Jeep has introduced an all-new Compass that bridges the gap between the brand’s sub-compact Renegade and compact Cherokee. Much improved versus the previous generation the latest Compass is more handsome, more refined, techier, and better-equipped to venture off-road. From rugged trails to the urban jungle KBB’s Zach Vlasuk put the Jeep Renegade through its paces to see how Jeep’s newest SUV stacks up.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Is The All-new, 2017 Jeep Compass As Good As It Looks?

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