Given the past two weeks, we've been seeing quite a bit of flooding thanks to major storms like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, which is making landfall in Florida today. Agent 001 and I have talked about this previously in various situations and we've always thought of things like the Jeep Wrangler and Hummer H1. 

A military five ton never entered our minds. It has now though!

While we cannot confirm this clip has to do with Harvey, it seems that it does. Given the depth of water, the fact it was uploaded recently and that it happened in Vidor, Texas, all signs point to yes. 

There's been a couple folks in my neighborhood with five tons and, you know what, if the apocalypse happens, I think I know where I'll be heading to get out of Dodge. 

Check out the clip below.

The recent flooding in and around Houston, Texas has brought out a lot of footage of trucks and the like forging through flooded areas to help with the rescue and cleanup efforts. That has, in turn, led to a ton of footage of other vehicles taking on insanely deep water, whether it has anything to do with the Hurricane Harvey situation or not.

While we don’t have any useful information about this video, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Houston floods, though if this truck was in the area, these certainly seem like the type of good ol’ boys who would drive as far as needed through the deepest water possible to help rescue those in needed. While it’s hard to say which model this truck is specifically, we do know it’s a five-ton, the 6-wheeled truck used by the US Military to move soldiers and cargo around both at home and abroad...

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VIDEO: What Happens When You Forge Hurricane Harvey Flood Waters In A Military Five Ton?

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