In the James Bond series of movies, automakers have always been keen on cultivating partnerships to get some serious product placement. For years BMW was involved, however, others have been able to get their rides some screen time. 

As of late, Agent 007 has been getting Aston Martin vehicles to pilot. 

In the latest picture, Spectre, Aston Martin specifically built a model it called the DB10. While it used the Vantage's chassis and powerplants, its sheetmetal was completely new. And, damn, it looked good. 

According to Aston Martin it would help forecast what was to come down the 'pike from Aston in terms of design. They weren't kidding.

The latest spy shots we've seen of what's said to be the next-gen V8 Vantage show us — quite clearly — that the DB10 will heavily inspire its design. It's not spot on but it's pretty damn close. 

See the differences in the rear diffuser, the side gill and the more pronounced rear decklid. 

Considering how perfect the Vantage's design was, the company has big shoes to fill. But when I see these snaps, I really don't think it's much of a concern any longer...

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SPIED: Aston Martin's Next-gen V8 Vantage Looks Awfully Similar To The DB10 Built For James Bond

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