The VW Phaeton is an odd story for the company, with a long production record of 14 years and just 84,235 cars mostly assembled by hand at the Transparent Factory in Dresden.

The final production example of the first generation was built on location last year in March, and the slot for the flagship VW brand car has been left unoccupied since. The initial plans were for the model to get a successor next year, but we all know the Dieselgate shenanigans have completely messed up the plans for the entire group. Well, not everywhere – because the Phaeton is still alive and kicking for the local Chinese market, where it doesn’t sit atop the roster, as the role has been attributed to the Phideon – a model exclusive to the world’s largest auto market.

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Volkswagen Plans For An Electric Phaeton To Lead The EV Charge

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