A businessman from Italy named Hadi Pourmohseni was so disappointed with the quality of his leased 2008 BMW M6 and with the dealer’s service that he decided to ruin the car with a sledgehammer and axe outside the Frankfurt Motor Show. That was in 2013. On Tuesday (over four years later) Pourmohseni set a 7 Series on fire outside of BMW headquarters in Munich. This guy just needs to get over it.

Oh, but don’t think Hadi has only destroyed BMWs on those two occasions. In 2014, he actually fixed up the car he had sledgehammered/axed the year prior, only so he could smash it with a sledgehammer again outside of the Geneva Motor Show. Then in 2015, he set a BMW Z3 on fire, according to German newspaper Münchner Merkur.

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Disappointed Italian Businessman Vents Anger By Destroying Multiple BMWs

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