In a rather interesting competitive set, the team across the pond at Autocar recently pulled together a group test featuring some of today's hottest luxury sport-utilty vehicles. That would include the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and all-new Land Rover Range Rover Velar. 

So, now what? Well, the auto rag tested them all back-to-back.

And, unlike many of the other publications out there these days, it actually came to a conclusion. Given the age of each player, I don't think it should come as a major surprise what the end result was but here it is anyhow.

The Velar placed first, followed by the Q7 and the Cayenne lagged. Given that the second-gen Cayenne is the elder statesman and its replacement was just shown in Frankfurt, this doesn't come as much of a shock.

To me though, I really have to wonder if the Velar is worth it over the Q7. While I know that Autocar tested the diesel variants of each model, I can't imagine the poshness of the Velar providing a better, overall, experience over the Audi. Although I am not a fan of Audi's MMI, I am pretty sure anything is better than Jaguar Land Rover's electronics, granted, I know this is an all-new system. 

Having said all of that, WHICH would YOU have and, more importantly, WHY?

1st Range-topping diesel Rangie has the right mix of power, poise, refinement and richness to rule this test – although perhaps not the whole luxury SUV set 

2nd Reserved, well-mannered, superbly constructed and roomy, the Q7 isn’t quite in the Velar’s league on lavishness, desirability or style 

3rd Second-generation Cayenne is still the class boss on driver appeal. If the next one can be more mature with it, watch out 

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Luxury SUV Battle ROYALE — Audi Q7 Vs. Porsche Cayenne Vs. Range Rover Velar, WHICH and WHY?

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