Every time I think about the Fast and Furious franchise, I am amazed. What started out as a rather humble movie from the early 2000s has blossomed into a billion dollar behemoth that’s resulted in eight features. 


That’s pretty amazing.


While the story has continued to evolve without the presence of Paul Walker, I have to admit it’s a bit of a shame for the show to go on. But, that’s business. When hideous dollars become involved, things must rock on.


Having said that, following the eighth picture there are two more definitely in the works. As far as I can tell the ninth movie’s name hasn’t been announced, however, the hashtag “#F9” and date has been distributed via Twitter. You can expect the debut to happen on April 10, 2020. 


If you remember, the initial timeline slated a release for April 2019. As of now there’s no word to as whether the 10th flick will also keep its initial April 2021 release date. 


All things are quiet on the western front. 


Stay tuned to more news as it becomes available. 

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