Driving in my suburban oasis out here in northern New Jersey, the king of the road is the seven-seat sport-utilty vehicle. Moms and dads alike love these things.

Frankly, I can't blame them. Between putting the little ones in those monster car seats and all the unbelievable amount of stuff kids require these days, you need the space. 

If you're doing well, of course you have to opt for the tricked out SUV. That's where the Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class come into the picture. Thing is though, the GLS is getting a bit dated. 

Have no fear though. Mercedes is working on the next-gen variant and I am thinking it's going to be mega. With an all-new, updated chassis that is sure to borrow from the S-Class, it may be the go-to choice for those wanting to be driven rather than drive themselves. 

According to reports, more of the GLS will be shared with the S-Class. This is good news because not enough of the current-gen product is. It feels more like a GLE than a proper S. 

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...The GLS’s significantly larger scale is emphasised by its boxier rear section, although part of this is due to cladding applied to the development car to hide its design.

Like the current GLS, the next-gen car will share many parts with the S-Class, including its powertrains. The S-Class gets six and eight-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines, a six-cylinder turbo diesel and a petrol-electric hybrid, so expect a similar line-up with the GLS...

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SPIED: All-new Spy Shots Of The Next-gen Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class — BMW X7 Be Damned?

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