Being at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) when the all-new Ford GT was unveiled essentially bordered on magical. It looked outrageous and everything about it screamed prototype race car.

There wasn't one thing about it that made me think "Oh, yeah. That's a road car."

Turns out there was a reason for this. That's because Ford Performance built this car as a racer first, then turned it into a road-going vehicle. Just about everyone who has gotten behind the wheel has said the very same thing — it is a racer first and foremost. 

So, what's it like? If you haven't seen reviews then you've got to watch this. Hell, even if you have you should watch. That's because Top Gear's Chris Harris does a brisk, five minute review of the Ford GT and he keeps it straightforward. Just track time.

See what Harris has to say about Ford's creation, below!

The 647bhp, 216mph, carbon-tubbed Ford GT is as about as close as possible to a fully-bred racer for the road. Chris Harris tackles it in its natural habitat: a circuit. It’s Harris vs the new Ford GT!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The All-new Ford GT Gets Hustled Around The Track By Top Gear's Chris Harris

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