It's really tough to know how much Mercedes-Benz is going to update the upcoming Mercedes-AMG G63. That's because we've heard that it will be an all-new vehicle but from the looks of it, one would suspect it's merely another revision on its old-school chassis.

Honestly, I think it's a toss up at this point.

That said, a spy abroad has caught the G63 on camera with an excellent video. As you'll see below, he captures it doing some developmental testing. Where it gets interesting is when they approach the engineer, and get up close and personal with the car. 

This gives us a first look at the vehicle's interior, more specifically, the instrument panel. If you look closely, it's clear that the large TFT displays will appear in the G-Class. In addition, note the E-Class Coupe-inspired air vents.

Neues von der kommenden G-Klasse Baureihe W463 (Modellpflege) in der Mercedes-AMG Version G63 / G65. News from the upcoming G-Class Facelift W463 series in the Mercedes-AMG version G63 / G65.

SPIED + VIDEO: FIRST Peek At The All-new (?) Mercedes-AMG G63's Instrument Panel Shows BIG Changes

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