If we all had a dime throughout the years for every company claiming to be producing the iPhone, Tesla, Microsoft, 3-Series, etc., etc., etc. KILLER, how rich would we all be?

Yesterday, Volvo introduced the Polestar 1 in Shanghai. And instantly, the two words 'Tesla Killer' start getting floated.

Which leads us to ask the question....What are the chances that it REALLY IS a 'Tesla Killer'? One in a million? Billion? Trillion?

And has there EVER been a product hyped as a 'Whatever Killer' ACTUALLY KILLED that company or product?

Why not just say it's a really cool new product we think will do well in the marketplace?

Chime in and give us your opinion after reading the article link...

Thomas Ingenlath tells Radio Sweden that the long-term goal is to reach a production of 80,000 cars. The number of employees at Polestar now amounts to more than 110. Two years ago there were only 15, SvD Näringsliv reports.

At the same time, Volvo Cars is to launch two electric car models in 2019.

Volvo Cars, having bought Polestar the summer of 2015, describes the company as, “a new independent electrified high-performance car brand,” which probably means that a new Tesla challenger is headed for the market.


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Does Calling Something A 'Tesla Killer' Instantly Relegate It To 'Destined To Not Be' Status?

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