When considering the latest and greatest all-new, German coupes, the Audi RS5 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S should come to mind. While the BMW M4 also exists, it's not nearly as new as these two.

Having said that, the folks at Motor Trend got both a car from the four rings and the three-pointed star together for a good 'ol fashion showdown. 

While it's well known that the AMG team makes gnarly beasts, there's been a lot of interesting comments on the all-new RS5. Yes, it lost the high-revving V8 that many loved but I always found the RS5 to be a dull pig with a dated powerplant. Most reviewers cite the all-new Audi as a more mature, refined product but perhaps that's not always a good thing as the RS variant is supposed to be the wild child. 

Let's see the end result in this episode of Motor Trend's Head 2 Head.

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman and brand-new host Jethro Bovingdon head to Wales to have a look at new versions of two of the most legendary high-performance coupes around, the AMG C63 and Audi RS5. When these two first battled on Head 2 Head four years ago, the mighty Merc’s superior feel was enough to overcome the Audi’s performance advantage. This time out, both cars have gained twin turbochargers and shrunk in displacement, but the Audi has lost two cylinders. Can the V-6–powered RS5 hope to beat up on or even keep up with the V-8 AMG coupe? Watch and find out!

CAR WARS! High-performance Shootout: Audi RS5 vs. Mercedes-AMG C63 S —WHICH One Are YOU Taking Home?

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