I don't want to sound like Jerry Seinfeld but I've got to wonder, "Really?"

I ask that because the all-new Audi A7 is a snoozefest. A part of me isn't surprised as Audi has been quite restrained in the styling department of its latest and greatest models. The A8 was a vehicle that was supposed to break all-new ground for the marque, but if you ask us it's "same 'ol, same 'ol."

Is this the best Marc Lichte can do?

In a day and age where automakers are swinging for the fences, in my opinion, cars like the A7 and A8 are going to fall by the wayside whereas Mercedes-Benz's approach is working — that's a brand that continues to have hits. While many have ridiculed the rather ostentatious approach of the all-new Lexus LS, at least it makes you feel something

Now if I have a bone to pick with anything about the all-new A7, it isn't the rear end's continuous light bar or its rather passé "face." It's the interior. 

I can't say that Audi didn't try to swing for the fence. The problem here is it appears that the four rings didn't exercise any restraint. And that's a shame because Audi used to make some of the best interiors in the business. They were tasteful, functional and were an example of "how to design an automobile's interior, 101." 

Looking at the A7's cabin, I am dizzy. 

There's several layers of colors and materials and the multiple screens makes me wonder how much of a nightmare it's going to be to own this car down the road. As the owner — past and present — of several Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) products, I am betting each screen is going to have to be entirely replaced on its own when something little goes wrong.

In the studio shot model, it features a two-tone black/tan interior. Looking at the dash I see several layers of the dash running horizontally. There's several horizontal lines and a sweeping piece of aluminum trim. After looking at the black dash, silver metal, tan lower dash, grey carpet and black mats it just doesn't come together well at all.

This has led me to ask a very basic question: Has Audi lost its touch?

The same questions were asked when Chris Bangle took over BMW's designs but the thing is they sold a lot of vehicles. I hope the same for Audi but I can't imagine the same success. That's because the BMW's exteriors, once again, made you feel something. With the all-new A7 I don't feel anything. 

What say you, Spies?

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