It's official. As many other automakers and tuners prepared large trucks with heavy-duty modifications on them, Audi decided to go another direction. A direction I can get into.

The four rings decided to focus on its high-performance vehicles and sports cars. 

SEMA Photo Gallery

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That includes, obviously, the R8 as well as the TT, which was shown in TT RS as well as the TT clubsport turbo form. The TT RS is significant because it showcases Audi's performance parts. 

The TT clubsport, on the other hand, displays a concept that benefits from an electric bi-turbo setup. In addition, it has pretty spectacular aerodynamic enhancements. 

Lastly came the Audi R8 LMS car. That's pretty self explatory. Strip out the vehicle, add a massive wing and, voila(!), you have an off-the-charts track vehicle.

Take a peek at the shots Agent 001 snapped and let us know what you think of Audi's wares, below.

The 2017 SEMA photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

SEMA Photo Gallery

#SEMA2017: Audi Comes Out SWINGING With High-performance Hardware — BEST Shots Here!

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