Probably my favorite shop that does some truly groundbreaking work is Singer Vehicle Design. This company just "gets it."

That can't be said for every manufacturing or tuning organization. 

SEMA Photo Gallery

Singer, on the other hand, just does everything perfectly. First, it drops in a 4.0-liter motor. Then it reskins the car from the bottom up. 

If you really want to get caught up in automotive pornography, do yourself a favor and just Google "Singer 911." I guarantee you will not regret it.

From the seating to the little touches on the dash to the way the trunk/frunk is upholstered, it is completely brilliant. The only manufacturer that even comes close to this level of craftsmanship is Pagani, but they also cost $2-4 million a pop. 

All that said, have a peek at the handful of shots that Agent 001 took while in Sin City.

The 2017 SEMA photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

SEMA Photo Gallery

#SEMA2017: The Car Gods Showcase Their Masterpiece — The Beastly Singer 911

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