Now I know that low riders aren't for everyone but if you're a fan of anything with four wheels then you have to have some level of appreciation for them. That's because the owners do have a helluva eye for detail.

From the paint to the wheels to the specific hydraulics used to the pin striping, these owners are real sticklers. 

SEMA Photo Gallery

This is what helps define a community. The same goes for the Formula D crowd. I'll never understand it but, boy, you do have to appreciate something about the approach. 

That said, given SEMA is the home of anything and everything, it's no surprise that some low riders turned out to grace us with their presence.

Personally, I am loving the first, red Cadillac. Talk about a vehicle with personality — and a truly massive trunk.

The 2017 SEMA photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

SEMA Photo Gallery

#SEMA2017: How LOW Can You Go? Vegas Brings Out The Low Riders And We Get The Warm And Fuzzies

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